Home remodeling projects can be intimidating. Let me take the worry out of it for you. Below are a few frequently asked questions.

Q1. I want to fix something, or even start a whole new project! When is the right time to hire help?
A1. The best time is now, before you get underlying issues such as mold.

Q2. I started a project on my own, but now I’m unsure how to finish it. Can you help me finish it?
A2. Of course we can! Our specialty is drywall finishing. We are experts at any type of finishing that you desire, yes, even Level 5: Smooth wall finishing. We know that you want your home to look its best.

Q3. I have a great idea for a project, but I’m on a budget. How much will I spend?
A3. Contact us today for a free estimate! We will go out to your home as soon as mutually possible and give you a written estimate all for free.

Q4. I am looking forward to when my project will be finished. How long will it take?
A4. We will let you know all of those details before we start on our written estimate. We take great pride in the quality and timely work we provide.